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Drug manufacturing in liquid forms

Solutions / syrups

The expertise of our liquid form plants enables us to be flexible to cover your needs in solutions and syrups, with low, medium and very high volumes due to our high speed machines.
Delpharm is equipped to manufacture sugar syrups, hydro-alcoholic solutions, mouthwashes and high potent solutions.
For primary packaging, we can package your solutions and syrups in glass bottles from 60ml to 500ml and in drops from 10 to 200ml.
For bottle packaging, different possibilities are available:

  • Plastic caps, anti-pollution aluminium caps, child-resistant caps, dispensers, pumps, drops, screw caps
  • Dosing with spoons, syringes, measuring cups

This wide network of plants allow us to export your products to Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

Orals suspensions

Our manufacturing facilities located in Europe produce oral suspensions with a wide range of packaging options. Indeed, the bottles can be made of glass, PET or pressurised.
In addition, we have flexible packaging lines allowing us to have plastic, aluminium anti-pollution, dispensing, pump, drops and screw caps. Finally, it is possible to add spoons, syringes or measuring cups.
The Huningue plant has a high potent production area to support you with complex products.
Thanks to the quality accreditations of our sites, we are able to supply oral suspensions to Europe, the USA, Russia, Brazil and Japan.


With our industrial network in Europe and North America, we can support you in the manufacture and packaging of nasal, oral and topical sprays.
Delpharm is able to fill bottles from 25 to 75 ml for oral sprays, from 5 to 100 ml for nasal sprays and 15 and 30 ml for topical sprays.
Our plants allow us to export your product to Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan and Russia.


The Orléans plant is specialised in sachet packaging and can offer its expertise in 5ml liquid sachets with simple filling.
Thanks to the site’s certifications, we are able to supply these products to Europe, Canada, South America and Russia.


The Huningue plant is able to support you in the production of emulsions and microemulsions in the following formats: 50ml, 200ml and 400ml.
With the site’s quality accreditations, we can supply your emulsions to Europe, the USA, Russia, Brazil and Japan.


The Orléans plant has the industrial equipment to manufacture mouthwashes in 200 and 500 ml formats. This pharmaceutical product can be packaged in plastic or glass bottles and with a dosing cup.
We are able to export your products to Europe, Canada, South America and Russia.

Production of non sterile liquid forms site by site

List of liquid forms produced by our specialized production sites.

Bladel Huningue Milano Montréal Orléans Reims Tours
Solutions, Syrups (bottles, drops)
Oral suspensions
Topical and nasal sprays
High potent liquids (solutions, suspensions)

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