• Drug manufacturing

Manufacturing and packaging of drugs for laboratories

Delpharm provides services for the development, production and packaging of your pharmaceutical products.

A production requirement

In our core business, the production and packaging of medicines, the productivity, reactivity and flexibility of our manufacturing sites are a key priority, in compliance with the most rigorous quality standards.

An international network

Delpharm puts its industrial network, experience, expertise at your service for the manufacturing of your solid, semi-solid, non sterile and sterile liquid forms.

Innovative solutions

In our constant quest for improvement, we provide you with innovative solutions your pharmaceutical products, whether they are licensed, generic, OTC products, high potent products, injectables and veterinary products.

Our pharmatical expertise

Thanks to its industrial network and its experts, we can support you on the majority of dosage forms available on the pharmaceutical industry market.

A multi expertise CDMO

Customer relationships are at the heart of our business. Delpharm promotes a long-term vision of its partnerships.

With more than 35 years of experience, we support you in the launch and transfer of your products with dedicated teams to answer to your requirements, whether they are regulatory or related to the product life cycle.

Our industrial network and our experts allow us to be highly reactive in order to release your product batches within a short timeframe.

A network of pharmaceutical manufacturing sites

Delpharm’s manufacturing plants spread across Europe and North America enable us to meet the needs of most dosage forms available on the market.

Our network ensures the security of your products by offering you the possibility of registering back-up sites.

Our large purchasing volume also allow us to secure our supplies from our main partners.

Synthesis of dosage forms

Thanks to the diversity of its pharmaceutical production sites, Delpharm is able to manufacture a complete range of dosage forms.


Brétigny Dijon Evreux Gaillard L’Aigle Lille Milano Novara Orléans Poznań Reims
Sugar-coated tablets
Film-coated tablets
Effervescent tablets
High potent tablets (hormone, oncology)
Bottle filling


Bladel Brétigny Dijon Evreux Huningue Lille Montréal Orléans Poznań
Gels (tube, stick, bottle)
Creams (tube, stick, bottle)
Soft gel capsules
High potent soft gel capsules
High potent semi-solids

Non sterile Liquid

Bladel Huningue Milano Montréal Orléans Reims Tours
Solutions, Syrups (bottles, drops)
Oral suspensions
Topical and nasal sprays
High potent liquids (solutions, suspensions)


Boucherville Brétigny Dijon Mouvaux Novara Saint-Rémy Tours
Injectable ampoules final sterilization
Injectable ampoules aseptic filling
Injectable suspensions aseptic filling
Sterile vials
Sterile powder in vials (aseptic filling)
Impregnated dressings
Infusion bags
Aspetic eye drops
Prefilled syringes packaging