• Sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement

In a world where volatility is the new reference, the purchasing department has developed a core strategy to support our growth. Our sourcing policy is driven by five strategic pillars.

Through its business model, Delpharm is committed to contribute to long-term social and environmental sustainability. This is the reason why we are committed to promote local partnerships through our Tenders. Our large scale of purchasing leads us to work with a wide range of companies from large multinational to young start-ups.

Our Sourcing policy ensures

  • Neutrality: By selecting suppliers via a transparent and impartial process
  • Efficiency: By sending clear specifications and guidelines in order to receive the best matching offers from the suppliers .
  • Responsibility: By incorporating the Group’s social and environmental commitments in our purchasing practices.

Serving our customers

The mission of our Sourcing teams is to place our customer as the key of our strategy and create added value with sustainable solutions. We focus our actions on

  • Managing the supply chain security
  • Seeking reliable and competitive solutions to meet our customers’ needs
  • Anticipating changes and promoting innovative solutions.


To confirm its commitment, Delpharm has signed the French CDAF Chart (Charte de la Médiation de Crédit et de la CDAF) in 2016. This charter promotes the improvement of suppliers’ relationships and outlines 10 commitments for responsible sourcing.


Our suppliers’ relationship management is based on our ethical value and we expect our suppliers and their subcontractors to respect the same commitments