Delpharm’s commitment is to be recognized as a sustainable and responsible partner

Delpharm is convinced that a strong Corporate Social Responsibility approach brings benefits to its employees, subcontractors, supplier partners, customers and any other stakeholders affected by its activities, in a spirit of transparency.

Delpharm’s executive management also attended a workshop on the climate fresk and reviewed its global strategy to incorporate CSR issues.

With this approach, Delpharm reviewed its global strategy to include CSR stakes.

A strategy in 4 aera

Delpharm’s strategy, which includes CSR issues, focuses on 4 main areas:


Customer Partnership

considering customer satisfaction and long term development and support

Industrial Excellence

considering occupational health and safety, supply chain etc.

Business Ethics

considering Human rights, ethics & compliance, decarbonation, responsible use of natural resources and biodiversity.

People development

considering all the stakes related to attract, retain people, develop them and the impact of Delpharm on the local communities.

2024 goals

Delpharm pursue its journey and will establish by June 2024 its double materiality to consider financial risk, impact and opportunity of the climate change of its activity and the impact of Delpharm into environment and social. This double materiality will helps Delpharm to identify the priorities to set up relevant discussions with its stakeholders relevant and actions.

Nowadays, 9 out of 19 Delpharm sites have been already audited by PSCI and Delpharm already invested 12 million euros on more energy-efficient equipment over the past 3 years to reduce CO2 emissions.