Fully committed to our people

In line with its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, Delpharm is committed to Health, Safety and Environmental protection for the benefit of its employees, subcontractors, supplier partners, customers and any other stakeholder affected by its activities, in a spirit of transparency.

Delpharm has implemented a global Health, Safety and Environment policy. This policy, signed by the members of the Executive Committee, affirms the Group’s commitment to ensuring patient and customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of its products and services through compliance with regulations, while maintaining the level of profitability needed to ensure the Group’s sustainability and growth.


People’s health and safety is ensured not only by compliance with the rules, but also by pro-active communication at group level, enabling feedback from each site to be shared.

In case of an accident, a newsflash is sent out to all the sites; similarly, all possible major incidents at each production site are reviewed at Group level on a monthly basis. Feedback from the analysis of these major incidents is shared with all sites for action.

A health and safety maturity grid has been created to support the implementation of an ISO 450001-compliant management system. This grid helps them to measure their progress and maturity in these two areas.
Today, 6 Delpharm sites are already ISO 45001 certified. The aim is for all our production sites to be ISO 45001 certified by June 2027.

Delpharm is committed to training its employees in health and safety.


The continuous improvement of our industrial sites in terms of respect for the environment is a major priority for us.

Delpharm commits to:

  • Combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to production, in particular by reducing energy consumption and using renewable energies
  • Optimise the management of resources, in particular water-related uses
  • Ensure compliance of its facilities with standards, regulations and other requirements in force a the world
  • Prevent and reduce pollution that could be generate by tis activities

To achieve its objectives, Delpharm has introduced plans to reduce energy consumption. It promotes the recycling of waste and the control of its emissions.


To reinforce our commitment, Delpharm trains and involves its employees so that they can actively contribute to improving our health, safety and environment policy.

Today, 7 of the Delpharm sites are ISO 14001 certified. The aim is for all our production sites to be ISO 14001 certified by June 2027.

Group Health, Safety & Environment Policy PDF - 220.3 KiB