Prefilled syringe overview

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Delpharm Tours installed the prefilled syringes packaging line which is now in the process of qualification. This line has a capacity up to 36 million packs per year.
Delpharm has chosen to set up a full cardboard packaging line to meet our customer’s environmental aims.

Delpharm’s motivation is to produce quality medicines for patients.
Therefore, Delpharm’s experts have already equipped the manufacturing area with state-of-the art equipments including a Groninger filling line with SKAN isolator technology. The capacity with a capacity of up to 30 million syringes per year in aseptic filling.

Moreover, Delpharm will offer a wide range of formats and syringes to meet the need of the market. Indeed, the manufacturing plant will provide glass, plastic, subcutaneous, intra-nasal and oro-mucosal prefilled syringes with formats from 1 ml to 50 ml.

The site is accredited for clinical batches and the Delpharm development team can handle the first steps of your project in Tours or Leiden site.

Delpharm differentiates itself and adapts to the current and future needs of its customers.

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