• About Delpharm


Over the last 30 years, Delpharm has built a strong reputation of experienced professionals, supplying a wide range of the most demanding customers.

“Delpharm commits to meet customer requirement as much as possible:

  • Multi specialist : a wide range of dosage forms
  • The required quality to deliver all geographical locations
  • A reliable and flexible supply
  • An optimized price to support customer’s growth

Delpharm expertise has been growing thanks to the new sites joining the network. Delpharm is now among the top leaders in Europe, by size and efficiency.”

Sébastien Aguettant, CEO



Delpharm implements a human resource policy who’s fundamental principle is to allow each employee to be a responsible agent in contributing to the collective performance; allowing the develoment of social cohesion as well as motivation.

To achieve this, we work to maintain and share a corporate culture based on respect for people and facts, supported by observation, thinking and action.

We encourage our colleagues to make progress in the exercise of their function, under the two requirements of method and result. We encourage them to work as a team, which is the best way to provide adequate answers to complex questions requiring experience and expertise sharing.

We expect our management to implement delegation : by assigning the best person for each task, authority and corresponding responsibility, thus giving everyone freedom of initiative and action.

The success of each and every one in Delpharm depends on their ability to work as a group, to put themselves into question, and on their abilities to grow and improve their teams and as a result, the whole company.

The presence of drugs manufactured by Delpharm in the world