Fully committed to our people

Delpharm group is very cautious about the security of its staff, the material goods, health at work and environment.

Our health and security environment policy is focused on this result.

People security is ensured by following the rules but also thanks to a proactive communication within the group to share each plant experience.

For any incident, a specific information is spread among all sites. Each month all incident are reviewed at group level.

Permanent progress in regards to the respect of the environment by our industrial sites is a major point of focus for the Group. The environment has always been and remains one of our top priorities when it comes to waste, waste management and working diligently with local authorities.

Delpharm has created and set up "Environmental Management System" to control the impacts of our activity. To reinforce our commitment, Delpharm trains and involves its staff to actively contribute to the improvement of our environmental policy at every step, all the through the development, production up to distribution.

It is ensured on a daily basis with our security partners.

We implement simple and efficient ways to improve work conditions of our staff with direct implication on those measures.