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Drug manufacturing in sterile forms

Sterile vials

With our plants specialized in sterile forms, we can support you in the manufacture and packaging of sterile vials.
These vials can be filled with liquids, aseptic powders or injectable suspensions. Vials sizes are interdependent of the filling. Indeed, for liquids our industrial equipment allow to fill from 1 to 100ml, for powders forms 6R to 8ml.
Regarding the primary packaging, we can work together on glass vials with final sterilization or aseptic filling.
This network of plants allows us to export your products to Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

Complexes injectables

Our team have developed expertise in complex injectables with microsphere and nanoparticle manufacturing.

Pre filled syringes

Delpharm Tours has a production unit for glass or plastic prefilled syringes.
This state-of-the-art technology with an isolator allows us to manufacture your products in aseptic filling or final sterilisation in different formats: 1ml long, 1ml STD, 3ml ITC.
Regarding secondary packaging, two options are available at Delpharm: full cardboard or plastic tray.
Finally, we are able to export your prefilled syringes to Europe, Brazil, Japan, Canada, South America and some countries in Asia.
This production unit also offers us the possibility to manufacture carpules.


Saint-Rémy plant is specialised in freeze-drying and has a large range of lines to meet your needs in terms of format: 3R, 4R, 10R, 15R, 25R and 30R.
With the site’s accreditations, we are able to supply these products in their final packaging in Europe, Brazil, Russia, China and soon in the USA (FDA project in progress).


Our manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America produce sterile liquid ampoules in various sizes: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 25ml.
Delpharm is able to offer two sterile filling processes : aseptic filling and final sterilisation.
Thanks to the quality accreditations of our sites, we are able to supply these sterile ampoules to Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, Russia.

Eye drops

Our Tours plant has a specific workshop for the production of sterile eye drops packaged in plastic pump bottles with a 10ml capacity.
Your products can be exported to Europe, Brazil and Japan in accordance with the certifications obtained by the plant.

Impregnated dressings

Thanks to the Brétigny plant, we are able to offer you our services for a niche market: impregnated dressings with an export to Europe.

Production of sterile forms site by site

List of sterile forms produced by our specialized production sites.

Boucherville Brétigny Dijon Mouvaux Novara Saint-Rémy Tours
Injectable ampoules final sterilization
Injectable ampoules aseptic filling
Injectable suspensions aseptic filling
Sterile vials
Sterile powder in vials (aseptic filling)
Impregnated dressings
Aspetic eye drops
Prefilled syringes packaging

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