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Drug manufacturing in solid forms


Our industrial technologies produce core, film-coated, sugar-coated, effervescent and multi-layer tablets, which can also be printed.
Our teams also have expertise in the manufacturing of tablets : bi, try-layer or « tab in tab ».
Thanks to the quality accreditations of our plants, we are able to supply these tablets, in bulk or in their final packaging, in Europe, USA, Japan and Russia.
Moreover, Lille manufacturing site is specialized in high potent tablets, i.e hormal, oncological and other. This plant is FDA approved, so your products can be exported to the USA but also to Japan, Brazil, China, Europe. The hard capsule dosage forms is also available on the site.

Hard capsules

With our solid dosage form production facilities, we are able to support you in your capsule production project in all available sizes. Capsules can be filled with either powder, micro grain or powder/microtablet combinations.
To ensure a high level of quality, we have several checkweighers.

Micro granule

Several Delpharm plant are able to produce microgranules with neutral coating and the extrusion-spheronisation process.
Aseptic manufacturing by emulsification or micro-precipitation is possible in our sterile workshops.



Our large network of dry form factories allows us to offer blisters using a wide range of materials: PVC, PVDC, ALU, PP...


In order to package your tablets and capsules, we also have pillbox lines at several sites, some of which are configured to supply the US market.


One of our factories is an expert in packaging tablets in tubes, both aluminum and plastic.


The Orleans plant has a large number of sachet packaging lines to meet your high volume requirements.
We can do single and double filling in wet and dry granulation and also liquid filling in 5 ml format.
We are able to export your bags to Europe, Brazil, Russia and many other countries.

Production of solid forms site by site

List of solid forms produced by our specialized production sites.

Brétigny Dijon Evreux Gaillard L’Aigle Lille Meppel Milano Novara Orléans Poznań Reims
Sugar-coated tablets
Film-coated tablets
Effervescent tablets
High potent tablets (hormone, oncology)
Bottle filling

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