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Drug manufacturing in semi solid forms

Soft gel capsules

We have two pharmaceutical plants capable of providing support for your soft gel projects.
Our Poznań site has an extensive experience in pharmaceutical soft gels and is located in Poland. This site has an OHC5 filling preparation facility for the production of highly active products. We are able to supply your medicines to Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our second site, located in Evreux, is specialised in soft gels for the food supplement and pharmaceutical markets. Our industrial equipment, including a preparation area, encapsulators and a static and dynamic drying process, allows us to configure a great deal of flexibility on the possible shapes and sizes of soft capsules. We offer different gelatines, vegetable, fish, beef and pork, as well as the following certificates: Organic, Halal and Kosher. Delpharm Evreux is EMA and FDA certified.


Thanks to our production sites, we can support you in the manufacture and packaging of gels in various formats from 5 to 250 ml: tube, stick, bottle.
The Huningue plant also has a High Potent workshop and the Orleans plant has expertise in micro enema packaged in tubes with cannulas.
This network of facilities allows us to export your products to Europe, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Russia, etc.

Creams / ointments

Our industrial network in Europe and North America produce creams and ointments in a wide range of packaging, i.e. tubes, sticks and bottles from 5 to 250 ml.
In addition, the Orleans plant has expertise in the manufacture of toothpaste and micro enema. The Huningue site has a High Potent workshop.
Thanks to the quality accreditations of our sites, we are able to supply your products in their final packaging in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Japan and Russia.


The Huningue plant is specialised in the production of suppositories with PVC/ALU packaging. Equipped with homogenisers for optimal dispersion, we can offer you our know-how in the following dosages: 1g for paediatric use, 2g for adult use and 3g for vaginal use.
Thanks to the site’s accreditations, we are able to export your suppositories to Europe, Brazil, Japan and Russia.

Production of semi solid forms site by site

List of semi solid forms produced by our specialized production sites.

Bladel Brétigny Dijon Evreux Huningue Montréal Orléans Poznań
Gels (tube, stick, bottle)
Creams (tube, stick, bottle)
Suppositories Soft gel capsules High potent soft gel capsules
High potent semi-solids

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