• Introduction

Our core business

The production of pharmaceutical products for pharmaceutical companies.

With our core business (production of pharmaceutical products), quality, service and cost are our pillars. As a result of this, productivity, responsiveness and flexibility are a constant focus for our industrial sites, all while taking into account demanding quality criteria.

As a partner to its customers, Delpharm can share with them the benefits of its network of factories. In perpetual search for improvement, we also offer innovative solutions for your pharmaceutical products. Moreover, to secure your market, we can offer you the possibility of back-up sites due to the fact some of our plants share the same technologies.
Our purchase magnitude allows us to implement back up with our main suppliers.

Know how

Delpharm offers its knowledge and experience to manufacture licensed products, generics, OTC products, dietary supplements, veterinary products, medical devices, highly active as well as injectable products.

Delpharm has a range of equipment to respond to a wide variety of manufacturing:

  • Wet granulation and drying (aqueous and organic)
  • Dry granulation
  • Mixture
  • Compression
  • Coating (aqueous and organic, sugar coated)
  • Filling
  • Production of syrups and other liquids
  • Production of injectable products (vials, ampoules, powder in vials)
  • Production of multidose eyedrops
  • Production of creams and gels
  • Production of suppositories
  • Production of soft gel capsules
  • Freeze-drying
  • Production of point of care diagnostics test and Elisa
  • Cells culture

And packaging:

  • Blister (PVC, PVDC, PCTFE, ALU, PP)
  • Strips
  • Bottles (glass and plastic)
  • Sachets
  • Bottles for tablets (glass and plastic)
  • Measuring devices (syringes, cups, spoons, etc.)
  • Ampoules and vials, aluminium and plastic tubes
  • Diagnostic kits
  • Impregnated dressings


6 Delpharm plants are already shipping serialized products, 3 including aggregation.

Expertise acquired on South Korea, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Delpharm has a standard solution answering market requirement :

  • GS1 standard.
  • No upfront investment requested to our customers.
  • All inclusive fix fee for serialized products.

Tailored made approach to cope with specific customer requirement beyond legal requirement.