Sylvain - Site’s Development Director

Sylvain trained as a pharmacist and joined Delpharm in 2008 as Production Manager. Four years later, after having communicated about his wishes for career development, he was offered a position of Quality Assurance Manager. This new position allowed him to remain close to the field, to discover customer relations and to develop his managerial skills by handling a team of about ten employees.

In 2017, Sylvain evolved once again by becoming the site’s Development Director. The mission of this department is to provide services prior to the launch of a drug on behalf of a client, such as galenic development, manufacture of clinical batches or the development and validation of analytical methods.

This career move allowed him to maintain the aspect of his job that he likes the most: customer relations.

The changes are at the managerial level, with the size of his team increasing to 35 employees who are experts in pharmaceutical development, as well as at the financial level, in monitoring the economic performance of a department. In order to be supported in this change of position, meetings have been set up on a regular basis with his manager.

In addition to his daily routine, Sylvain trains new employees at the site in Delpharm’s operating principles through our internal programme "How to Progress Together". He particularly appreciates this activity, which allows him to spread the company’s culture.