Juliette - Quality Director of a Delpharm plant

With a degree in Pharmacy, Juliette was initially in charge of the night production teams, before taking the leadership of the dry form manufacturing teams. When a Quality Manager position became available in 2019, Juliette applied. In addition to her technical and managerial skills, her knowledge of the site, processes and stakeholders were real strengths that supported her application for this position.

Juliette was, at the time, advised by the Holding’s Quality Director. Her role was to provide support on all quality issues in the plant, to develop quality systems in line with the new challenges of the site and new regulations, and to be in constant interaction with customers. Her production experience allowed her to bring a pragmatic approach to the Good Manufacturing Practice.

Juliette is very attached to her role as a manager.

She appreciates being able to support and develop her teams. For her, mutual trust is the key for a successful managerial relationship. This translates into a three-dimensional approach: the autonomy she gives to her teams, the support she provides them and the expectation level she sets.

Another essential element for Juliette is to give meaning to everything that is undertaken, by explaining the decisions taken but also by using participative management because she is convinced that thinking as a team brings the best results. Finally, communication plays a major role: encouraging, giving positive feedback as well as defining areas of progress, or celebrating successes, are real managerial principles that she strives to practice on a daily basis.