Christophe - Maintenance Technician

As a child, Christophe spent his time dismantling objects and fixing them.

He had this need to understand how things work, to find out what caused the breakdown, to investigate the machines from all angles, to take out his tools to find a solution... Growing up, he quickly understood what his vocation was, Christophe wanted to continue repairing increasingly complex machines. That’s why he specialized by completing a Technical and Mechanical Baccalaureate.

It was in 2001 that he joined the site as a Maintenance Technician, then became Maintenance Manager after one year. From this day on, Christophe is in charge of three sectors and manages about a dozen employees.

When you are passionate about the technical aspects of your job, each day is different from the previous one.

Each problem encountered brings its own set of challenges and requires to question oneself. The pharmaceutical industry demands both a great deal of rigour but also a certain creative spirit due to the constant industrial developments, the diversity of the equipment and their complexities.

Beyond his passion for his job, Christophe is proud to work in a company that invests in technology and respects women and men at all levels of the organization.