Adeline - Purchaser

Today, Adeline is a Purchaser at Delpharm. Before taking up this position, she was first a Purchasing and Supply Assistant and then a Sales Administration Officer. She has experience of both negotiating and managing with suppliers and of dealing with customers.

It is the relational side and the contact with the external environment that motivates her daily in her job.

It was therefore natural for her to apply when a Purchaser position became available. To qualify for this job, Adeline underwent several weeks of intensive individual training. Her role now includes dealing with direct and indirect purchases, negotiating with suppliers and issuing invitations to tender in response to customer requests.

Delpharm is Adeline’s first company and after more than ten years on the site, this progression is a great proof of mutual trust.

She is delighted to see that Delpharm is keen to develop its employees, but also to have been able to create strong relationships with her colleagues.